Dear Participants of GPCCG3 Conference

We thank you very much for your stay in Poznań during the 3rd German Polish Conference on Crystal Growth,  an international Conference under the auspices of the Polish Society for Crystal Growth (PSCG) and the German Association of Crystal Growth (DGKK). The Conference was organized by the Faculty of Technical Physics at the Poznan University of Technology. The conference was under the honorary patronage of the Rector of Poznan University of Technology and the Mayor of the City of Poznan.

During four days we realized the Conference program as follows:

More than 125 Participants from 13 countries came to Poznań for the conference. Besides

participants from Germany (53) and Poland (47) there were also some from Armenia, Czech Republic, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and USA.

The sessions „Semiconductors” and „New Materials” had the largest number of  contributions. This shows that the traditional areas are still strong while the emerging new topics are also established in our community. The level of the talks was high and the same is true for the posters. We like to thank all presenters for preparing and presenting your contribution in such an excellent manner. And we like to thank all participants for their contributions to discussions. We hope that you enjoyed the conference and got an input for your work.

Thank you for coming !

Dobrosława Kasprowicz
Wolfram Miller
GPCCG-3 chairmen